NEW MUSIC: Son Of King Rebel & Joe Budden VS Portishead

Happy Friday fam. The Back In The Day Remix video is done. I am rendering that shit now. Then I gotta upload it. So, you know, coupla hours or somesuch.

In the meanwhile, I gotta let you know I saw Son Of King Rebel's first gig last night, at The Windmill. Were you there? I know for a fact there was about 50 people there, and this time next year 5000 of you will be telling the tale. Go figure. Some of you cats is lower than rat-balls. Anyway. I gotta give props where props be due. Shit was awesome. Son Of King Rebel got hits! Mad hits! Hits for days! Well, about 24 minutes. 24 minutes of hits is a good ratio.

Hearing these songs with a full band at a decent hour, rather than at 4 am banged out pissed on a cheap fake piano was something of a revelation. I Don't Love Jesus No More is so a hit! I'm a produce the EP and take all the credit.

Anyway. That New Music I was on about. It's some Mood Music. Mood Music 3rd, in fact. Ill Poetic's done a really surprisingly ill mash up of Joe Budden's Mood Music 3 and a load of Portishead joints. This shit really works - the music perfectly matches Budden's borderline-physcotic, paranoid, wretched flow. The thing reeks of misery.

Spotted via 2DopeBoyz. Download here.

Stream: Joe Budden - All Of Me (Ill Poetic Remix)

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