NEW MUSIC: Marvin & N*E*R*D

Tego just sent me some new Marvin stuff, just as I happened to be reflecting on how Boyspot is probably the best thing dude's ever done and is one of my favorite songs of the year, easy. The new stuff is dope too. It's Lillicia Libertine's remix of the forthcoming single That One Time, Marvin's Grange Hill styled school daze banger. I'd not heard of Ms Libertine before, but it turns out she's a Nottingham based purveyor of the sort of Benny Bennassi-esque electronic heafdfuckery we were rinsing on Stunners 130. Wade's gonna love this shit. Stream: Marvin - That One Time (Lilicia Libertine Remix)

Still in the club, N*E*R*D are back, seemingly without that ugly rap guy they had now Skeetboard P's officially on the Em Eye See. Their new single's about cokehead females, so, fittingly, they've gone and gotten white-woman-fetishist Kanye West, former slanger Lupe Fiasco and cocaine obsessive Pusha T on the remix.

Pusha T kicks the geek squad's ass, in rap terms. But Kanye's verse is just menacing. The song in general is just horrible. You remember how creepy that Drunk And Hot Girls joint off Kanye's last LP was? Well take that creepy quotient and run it through a big mess of rapey-menace, and you are midway to getting the vibe this frankly horrid song is on. Not saying its bad, by the way. Cos it's not. But it sure aint nice, Bubba.

Stream: N*E*R*D - Everyone Nose (Rmx) ft CRT & Pusha T