NEW MUSIC: Akira The Don - Push It To The Limit

Brand new ME from ATD16 - a tale from Miami over Rick Ross' Push It beat.

Check it!

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Akira The Don  - Push it To The Limit (Main)

Akira The Don  - Push it To The Limit (Clean)

Akira The Don  - Push it To The Limit (Acapella)

I'm spitting on other people's beats for pretty much the whole tape. Recording started this week, any ideas for beats you want me to hit, drop them in the comments.

Lyrics After The Jump.

Akira The Don - Push It To The Limit July 08

caught in miami 2004 I'm up on roberts bike and im a little small and he's a little tall i hit a curb i fall i get back on again singin this the way we ball im looking for a kinkos to do some cd covers the sun is beating down I'm in a vest and barely covered robert wrote me directions and I cant read his writing but I'm on holiday in MIA and its exciting I pedalled and pedalled sweating and burning metal gleaming leaving traffic up in my dust bust the highway speeding sweat drenched my white vest saw the kinkos swear to god copied fifty cd covers chucked my mixtape on my blog

i push and I push i ride and i ride trying to thrive cos I'm alive put it all on the line to see what i could find anglesey to MIA I'm feeling fine cos its my time

I got my business done and now its got a little late leave to wade and roberts place up at the top of little haiti but like I said I couldnt really make out the directions think it says 35th street I head off in that direction I leave the motorway Its getting residential the sun is burning down then suddenly Im in the ghetto the buildings start to shrink the garbage starts to stink the rooves are corrugated iron and i start to think that I dont recognise this place I must be getting pretty lost I go to use  my phone but rah the battery's dead and its switched off but I find 35 and number 5 I knock the door a bunch of guys who sat outside aks what the fuck I'm banging for im at the wrong house and so i head south i meet some black kids on a corner and we chat they bang

my mixtape in they car they say I sound like 50 yo we smoke a blunt they call me London suddenly they gots to go

and so I cycle off thinking bout what the kids contested that if the coppers catch them out past dark they get arrested and then i see the vans driving around so slowly with they back doors wide open just like the kids done told me

hours pass still lost suddenly I hit a freeway Im in the wrong lane oncoming traffic nearly kills me

its gotten late its gotten dark im getting chased by dogs (roof!) noone'll let me use their phone the bike seat's mashed my ass up (oof!) I'm scared but then I see a light this little mom and pop store i drop the bike and enter practically fall down on the floor

the guy behind counter smiles i swear he must be christ he lets me put my sim card in his phone hes over nice and so's his lovely wife miss sunshine he's J Boogie invite me to a party I feel like Im in a movie I get my numbers call up robert he's like where you been? picks me up in his silver buick I'm like this must be a dream