New Interview. New PC. NEW LIFE!

Sexy and butch. Damn, I need to get some new photos done (no, that's not me on the left, that's Mickey Rourke, who  was dressed as me in The Wrestler). There's a new interview with me over at God Is In The TV, talking about Street Fighter, Streetfighter, my relationship with Narstie, Littles and P, The Omega Sanction, and The Life Equation... and they're using one of Saam's LA twiddly moustache pics. Them's some classic pics, for sure, but I don't realy look like that any more. I am more, um, lived in. And handsome. Can't forget handsome.

Ho ho.

Speaking of which, did I mention that the good people at BMG, who look after my publishing, put their hands in their pockets and BOUGHT ME A NEW PC?!?!?!?! The good people at Music-PC (fifteen years in the game!) made it to my specifications, and it is a fucking BEAST. Hit the jump for some photos and ramblings of joy. I am so excited my fingers itch.


Man, you shoulda seen my face when the delivery guy showed up with the this. The package was almost as big as me! That photo didn't quite illustrate the sheer vastness of the package (oo er) so I took another.


If this package could talk, it would say, "HULK SMASH!" Or maybe, "you all look like ants from here."


Inside the box was another box, and some little wiggy ozone killing sperm creatures. And a piece of paper on which was a list of all the things the nice people at Music PC had done. "Reboot error" disabled - tick! Auto Updates turned off - tick! Windows stress test passed - tick! Background/Applications priority - tick! That sort of thing. Date and time correct - tick! The date and time were not correct actually. But I don't care.

Millenium Build, Core 2 Duo, Scythe Ninja Heatpipe Cooler, Raptor Cache, baby!


So. The box within the box! There are few things more tantilising than a box within a box. Especially a sexy box within box like this.


"A design breakthrough"! PHWOOOOOAAAAR!


"Without compromise"! PHWOOOOOOOARRGH!!!!!!!!!


Inside was another box. A metal box, the colour of God's Mother's milk, coated in a fine plastic film...


Peeling off that sweet plastic coating is one of modern life's great pleasures. When the bomb drops, I think I will miss that sensation the most.


Fucking beautiful. Fucking huge. Fucking fast.

I have now finished installing my software on it, and have tried making some music. It is a joy! Things happen in real time! I think, shit occurs. PYEEWM! Brain to frame! I am a happy man. As happy as a sandboy! And though I have no idea what those freaks do that's so pleasurable, they're happy. AND I AM HAPPY!

Thank you Music PC, thank you BMG, and most importantly, thank YOU, for making it possible for me to live like a king, with no money. RAH!