New Fan Art: "Akira" By Serena B

Amidst a particularly scary and dense email pile this morning, was this beautiful thing, and the attached note:

Hi, Akira! :D Sorry for my bad english, but I'm italian, so I can't write in english correctly, Here's a little fan art I made for you, man! I really love your music, today I've been listening especially to "Back in the day"  , that also inspired me to draw that fan art, hope you like it! :)

Have a nice day!! :D Serena B.

Thank you Serena B, that is awesome, and so is your popstar name. You should do a song with Prince. Cheers!

I am back at my desk in London today. Ali and I got back from his stag boat, on which we had been sailing since Saturday last night, and stayed up till three drinking wine and listening to Warren Zevon and Big Narstie. I do love London very much, I was filled with joy when I stepped off the train.

By the way, a tragic and unfortunate series events lead to the drowning of my phone, so once again, it is email and twitter for communication. I must have been cursed by a phone gypsy back in April or something, there is no other way I can rationalize the terrible luck I've had with mobile telecommunication devices this year. I'd only just had it working again for a few days, after T-mobile reduced my data roaming charges by 90% following my written protestation of that ridiculous £800-odd bill they hit me with when I got back from America. Now it is at the bottom of a lake, and no, I hadn't put it on the insurance yet.

Ale jaca est. I am going to post some T-shirts now. A bunch went out at the end of last week, and the rest are going out today, so if you;re waiting on an order it should be with you any day now. Joy to the future!