Never Let Hoe Ass Figgas Ride

Today I mixed a bunch of songs, ate a french stick, had a meeting, read XXL, rode a tube, a bus, and not a horse. I spent a few hours in Hammersmith, which means nothing to me, and a small amount of time in Finsbury Park, which makes my chest tight, and floods my brain with memories of when I first moved here, especially when the sun's out. I thought I saw Bastard Mark as the bus pulled off towards North East London. My belly did loop the loops. Yo, Chris de Burgh's got a new flash intro for his website! He's kicking a ball! Timely!

Rah, it hasn't even started, and this World Cup's Already fucking with my shit. Jeres can barely contain himself. He's going to the toilet even more than usual. I might have to flee. I haven't got time for football! I have an army to amass, goshdarn it!

OK, I know a bunch of you are feeling this boy, because you email me and say as much, so go have a look at my wee bro Ali's new website. It is in the midst of construction, and he is after critique. I think the colours are ugly, but what do I know?

Rah, I totally hope it is Sunny this bank holiday weekend, now that I know it's coming, because I want to go to the Serpentine and row a boat.

Yo, I still haven't done my email. I had to do two interviews, then this, and now its bedtime, so maybe tomorrow. Don't hate. It's too beautiful above the clouds to hate.