What a busy The Don I have been! I drew and drew and drew till it was light, then I slept a little, then I went to Cardiff. It was nice there, the Boobytrap boys are ace. I had a bechod hotel to wash in, and I deejayed off of my laptop and saw dope bands called The Early Years and Reigns. Early Years have this kind of psyche gentle Mogwai thing agwan, it was lush. Bathed in sound and that. And then I did my thing, and it was tremendous fun. The lights and smoke machine were all up in my face so I couldn't really see the crowd so I figured I was in Wembley and went NUTS SPA!

Gruff Super Fury was right in front of me the whole time, which might have been scary and weird when I was little cos I was well into them and I got his autograph on the back of a packet of Silk Cut I found on the floor on Bangor High Street when I was 15, but it's cool now cos I'm big. After we went back to his yard and watched the election and everybody there was well into Gonzo man! Cardiff people are mad safe, we smoked nice spliffs (first in weeks! A pleasure!) and watched Es Pedwar Ec and talked Welsh until the whee hours, then I went to my hotel and SLEPT for three hours then got up and went to a nice studio in West London, where Brilliant Strings, and orchestra no less (one of whom used to be in The Communards and told me some awesome hardcore Jimmy Somerville stories. I love him), were assembled to record the string parts for a song of mine called Love. YES IT IS TRUE I HAVE STRINGS!

Man, it was super lush. I dreamed of string, always. Dreamed, and dreamt. Now I have them. A lovely lady with a sleepy baby called Sally did the arranging, she is a genius. I listened to the instrumental in my headphones all day after, which involved a fruitful meeting with Paul, who is my excellent and English manager, and an hour or so trying to get a charger for my laptop. I bust that new one somehow.

Now I am back in Eastleigh drawing sofas. I think Wade is going to Barcelona. STUNNERS INTERNATIONAL!