Nas' Untitled Leaked On Purpose Shocker

Nas' new album has leaked. And Nas is "excited" about it. What is this? Dude's much discussed, untitled new album, previously known as Nigger, leaked in its entirety yesterday, but not in the usual fashion. Track by track, the record appeared across the blogosphere, centered around the nexus of The New Music Cartel, with many tracks coming direct from Nas' label, Def Jam. Today, Nas released a video showing his reaction to the leak.

“You know we get leaked," said the emcee. "You know I’ve been getting leaked forever. And it’s so fucking exciting!”

So there you have it. Seems in the wake of Wayne's million first week sales, record companies have finally realised that a leak is, in many instances, free promo and distribution. Whoop!