Mystery Jets Man In Lido Shocker

So, one of this lot was in the Lido this morning. The one who looks like that guy out of Silence Of The Lambs. I didn't say, "hi, i love your band," cos I'd never heard them before (which is remiss of me, considering my ole pal Erol produced their record). So I just said "hi". He's a good swimmer, unlike certian people I could mention. Like me. Anyway, my lil' brother sent me some songs he really likes earlier in the form of video. The first was by The Mystery Jets. It's grayte!

Writes the brother:

"It took the world eighteen long years to get from Duran Duran to Belle & Sebastian, and now, in a dramatic reversal of fortune, Mystery Jets have managed to reverse the process.

Yes, its true, their new single ‘Two Doors Down’, (not quite a Dolly Parton cover), goes from B&S to DD in a mere forty seconds."

Which is true. Ch ch ch ch Check it out!