My New Favourite Band

I dropped this on Playlouder just. It is a true story.

My new favorite band are a bunch of Frenchies called The Teenagers. They are well great. Sort of a 2008 Jilted John, with Pet Shop Boys pretences. Actually, they sound like that disco song off the first Belle And Sebastian record, if Stuart Murdoch had ever seen a vagina. And that Pet Shop Boys song from Flight Of The Concords, but funny. And good. They are well ace, and they are going on tour, so if someone sees this and wants to buy me a ticket, holla at me.

My little brother The Svenhunter got me into them, by the way. He was round my swanky new gaff on the weekend, leaking toxins on my sweet red rug following a night out at some gay warehouse party, playing this totally sweet electro indie record that went "I love my American cunt" or something, I was like, dude, this OWNS, and he was like, yeah, it's this band called The Teenagers, they're pretty sweet, and I was like, give me the album then, I am after all your elder and better, and he was like, OK.

So now I HAVE THE TEENAGERS ALBUM and it isn't even out till March 17th, and its not on Waffles either, I just checked.

OK, tour details: Manchester Roadhouse (April 1) Birmingham Carling Bar Academy (2) Glasgow Stereo (4) Bristol Thekla (5) Brighton Barfly (6) London Cargo (7) Leeds Faversham (12)

Like I said, if you got a ticket, HOLLA AT ME! I am like E from Eels, I hate shows, but I bet this one's great.