Music That Makes Sense

gundam1 I really need to start doing letters pages again. I get the best emails, I really do. Take, for instance, this one, that popped into my box at 00:16 today:

I really did bite my teachers. I spent 6+ years in mental hospitals as a kid, and thanks cause your music makes the most sense to me. SSTEENIS

Blaow. Awesome. Thanks Ssteenis, wherever you are. It's good to be useful.

Speaking of which, I finished ATD18 on Friday afternoon. Then I had to rush off to Gogledd Cymru, and I dind't have time to make a sleeve, error-check, or upload the thing before I went. I got back late last night, full of The Tire, and I don't think I'll have time today either, as I have a big meeting about my record, AND I'm off to meet...

Andrew WK!

Indeed. 55 Cadillac is out right now, and guess what just came out in Japan? That's right. Gundam Rock. Hot crap, it is fucking batshit awesome. Wanna hear a track?

Oh, alright then.

STREAM: Andrew WK - Encounter


If anyone has anything they'd like me to ask Mister Wilkes-Krier, please leave it in the comments.

Yes. And look out for that ATD18. It kicks balls.