Music For The Weekend

Solefald are some Norwegian Death Metal band my little brother likes. They've got a new remix LP out called The Circular Drain which kicks ass. Check the Bombs Of Enduring Freedom mix of Survival Of The Outlaw, it's badass...

Ali also recommends The Indelicates. Check New Art For The People. It has very good piano. It is almost a soft rock classic, but it is too indie. It is so indie! It is always weird to hear indie folks on the subject of sex. Apart from when its Hefner. Or Pulp. Or Arab Strap. OK, maybe its not that weird. But still. Anyway. I like this band. They sound like The Auteurs covering Carter USM songs. With a lo-fi Jim Steinman on production. Or something.

Also! Marvin has done a version of Lupe's Superstar. Tego is singing on it! It's nuts! Have I said how much I enjoy Lupe's album? I really so. I didn't think I would. It is a great record. He is a great rapper.

That is all.

Edit: Glasvegas are great, I forgot. 80s sounding big production Scottish melodic, 60s girl group sounding, prolly you all know this anyway.