MUSIC: Big Narstie - The Big Man Returns

Big Narstie - The Big Man Returns Rah, so. The sun was going down on London, and I was in the middle of rendering this really complicated mass of J.P.'s new ish and cooking some over chips, when the rassclart electricity ran out, entirely unexpectedly, plunging me into two hours of lunacy, as I turned the house upside down in an heroic attempt to amass the required seven (7) pounds in British currency, in order to switch the lights back on.

I swear, sneaky shopfolk have been palming me off with 5 euro pieces instead if British Pennies, by the sheer volume of those useless little pellets that stacked up on my coffee table. Dark came quickly, but I had a little flashing red bicycle light to help me in my mission. After an hour or so, I'd got just under six (6) British pounds, in piles of dusty copper. Eventually I took a knife to the undercarriage of the sofa, and Found A Pound. BLAOW!

I felt like a cotdang hero, let me tell you. Anyway, switching the machine back on, I found this new joint by Big Narstie, produced by the midlands finest -  Tricksta! - taken from the forthcoming mixtape The Big Man Returns. That ish drops at the end of March.


DOWNLOAD: Big Narstie - The Big Man Returns