So, I have just been informed that those of you with WAP enabled mobile phones can go to a special MTV WAP page all about my ass, where you can get a free songs for your phone (So, Be There, & Hypocrite), ringtones, screen savers, and animated thingies. Pritty future, non? Point your browsage to

You can also, if you haven't already, listen to my album in its entiritey over at Click here.

In other multimedia news, the Hypocrite video is now frontpage on Newgrounds, and has thusfar been viewed 14,54 times, and has an average rating of 4.14/5.00, which is pritty good! It'll be on Youtube soon, I am promised.

So, I am off back to London soon. The sun just came out, so I shall have a pretty taxi ride to the airport, with all that nice light reflecting off of the puddles. I am totally into that sort of thing you know.

OK, I go now.