Word, I hate moving houses!

I like unpacking after though. Arranging stuff. I like building shelves. I'm on that right now. Well, right now I'm on break. You dig me!

I got a can of Rio, and that is nice. That shit is still bigger than the other cans - 13.6% Extra Free est. as long as I can remember. When I was like, 8, we'd drive to Safeways in Upper Bangor to do the monthly shop, and if I was lucky I'd get me one of those as a treat.

Who was at that Bizzle show? Damn, that shit banged hard! Marv and Jack's set was boss, cot DAMN those boys have come on since the Purple Turtle. They did Boom at the end and that Big Dog Westwood was jiving up onstage. Ghetto sprays hard, credit where credit is due. It's always good to see Skinny, but I could have done with more stuff from his album, that shit was classic. I took Narstie and Littles down, and it was ill to see Narstie bring the house down without even getting onstage. That Brian Harvey-looking cat from N Dubs doing his and Solo's rhymes was kind of weird.

Me, I never touched that stage and I blew the roof of THREE TIMES, fam. Babylon was straight moshpit, and B had the kids jogging on the spot like Running Man for Police, shit was CRAZY!

So, LP2 is pretty much written - straight ANTHEMS baby - and I'm in pre-production with the legend Stephen Hague. Get to know. That shit won't be out till second quarter I figure, the way this beast of an industry moves, so what I'm gonna do, oh my good good peoples, is hit you off with, like, a pre-album album/mixtape thing for Xmas. A CD full of shit I can't clear for mainstream commercial use (samples are a bigger headache by the day) - stuff that missed the last album for reasons of illegality and tone, and stuff I've been writing since the last album that just doesn't fit the vision of the next one. Tear jerkers, bangers, screamers, murderers... Good shit. The record's gonna be called Thieving - look out for a track with the same name imminently. It goes off to the printers next week, and we'll start taking pre-orders as soon as the art's done.


Oh, I nearly forgot - I just confirmed a Christmas show. Akira The Don & The Women will support my peoples The Crimea at Bush Hall, London on December 18th. It's an acoustic show, so I'm getting me a drummer and shit. FIRST!