Mothboy's Last Album Is Called BUNNY

OK, never mind that bollocks I was on earlier. Actually, never mind that bollocks I said one sentence ago. One should never pour scorn on sadness! Sadness is as real as anything else! And deserves accordant respect! Yes!

So, big up that bollocks I was on earlier. Big up my sadness. Big up YOUR sadness. Hells yeahs we get it sometimes, especially when we've been trying to put out our second LP for 3 years and stuff keeps on going DODGE. Rah, I take it so lightly, but deep down I understand that I am dealing with cotdang deep-ass super-emotional ultra-real multi-concious-affecting  ART right here, and that ish touches you deep down where no light can reach just hearing it... so imagine what it does to the person making it! Oh GOD, why didn't anyone WARN me?! Why have I only just realised this?

Christ. I think I am doing pretty well then, considering. Big up me! Big up Jeres and Frankie, with whom I just shared drinks and good banter about literature and stuff!

And big up my old pal Mothboy! He's just dropped his third LP. Naturally, I am on it. I have been on all three of Mothboy's albums. There's some beautiful symmetry. The first was a joint called All The Wrong Places from his debut, The Fears. I wrote that sat on a fire hydrant outside the American Apparel store in the Lower East Side of New York one night, then recorded that shit in Rat Boy's studio, two days before I flew to LA to meet Jimmy Iovine. The second was called I Can See Cities, and that was on his, doh, second LP, Deviance. I wrote that sat outside the Special Cafe in Clissold Park in London. It was a beautiful day. Anow now, 2010, comes...

Johnny Nemo.

Inspired in part by a comic book sent me at Christmas by the good Dr Raydome, I wrote it SAT ON MY SWIVEL CHAIR IN MY STUDIO, and it features on the last Mothboy album...


"'Bunny' will be the last album by me as Mothboy," writes Moth. "For the past 10 years I've been using the name and have decided to use it no longer as am no longer a boy ha!!  So essentially want to end on a high... Album mixture of beats , pop , jazz , funk and bass and some surprises (same as always). Guests to see me out are yerself Adam , Martin Carr , Ted Parsons, Robert Conroy , Gustave Savy, Sezrah Sylvan, David Madden , Paul Gannaway and Suzi C, album artwork by Martin Cornish [the art is BANGING - ATD], mastered by David Dando-Moore, will be released on Ad Noiseam oooh new year-ish. I will promote it , shows etc then stop the project altogether... pastures new from then on (no I am not going "Dubstep"!)... concentrating on live instrument stuff like my Gator Bait Ten band , a punk band or two and then will work on some 4/4 minimal house stuff under my Esjayes moniker. Been fun though but think its reached the end of its natural lifespan."

So there you go. Mothboy is dead. Long live Mothboy. Here, from that new LP what is called Bunny, is a song featuring me, which is called Johnny Nemo.