Money, Cash, Hoes

The Russian Danish Birch Pollen (cheers Dad) continues to cast its dank shadow over the nation's proceedings, but some of us soldier on regardless. Today I forgot my alarm was set to "no weekends" - which is dumb, weekends mean very little to me. Well, all it is, is my peoples that work within the system get to see me. And I get to see them. Whup! Anyway, yesterday I did a lot of cleaning, befor heading out to chill on the 6th floor of Tate Modern, then wander about London for hours. London is amazing, when you pay attention. It looks like abroad. We wandered from the Tate to Covent Garden to London Bridge to Covent Garden again by accident and my head got blown. If you think you are in one place and you show up in another it is weird.

I keep learning then forgetting. I think I know then I notice I know not. But today my alarm didn't go off, and my Mam and Keef and Zef showed up at midday with boxes and a pie, and I was in a dressing gown with a nest atop my head. Shit though, one of those boxes has a load of my old rap CDs in it, so I'm having a party right now popping Jay Z and Ghost and Theodore and Slim Calhoun and La Chat and shit. Plus my mam baked me a bacon and egg pie, which I did love hugely when I was small (one of the few foods I refrained from sticking in my pocket when no one was looking and burying in the garden), so I shall cook some macaroni and rock that in a bit, and watch an episode of South Park and feel like a king. I am one move away from checkmate. Well - I got one thing to do then I am done with this faze, and we can kick on up to the next. Serious - I am this close to a level up. Bvvvip!

Yo, so we went for a walk in my park, and there are only terrapins in the lake. There were 8 of them sat up on a log, looking up into the sky, waiting for the Terrapin God to come down and save them from the irritant of those brown ducks that bickered about them - after a lady duck - rude and violent in their courtship, like Friday Night Stock Marketeers.

Rah though. One of those terrapins got knocked off of his log by a beak That's got to suck.

Hey, my Mam bought me a baby blue NY fitted for my birthday. And Keith sorted my USB holes, so I can play symphonies on my keyboard again. AND they fixed two pairs of glasses with superglue. RAH. That's what's up.

Haha, my boy Hugo Chavez is coming to the UK and he's not going to see Lonely Blair. DISS! Chavez says he don't mess with imperialists. He is going to see that Oyster Card pimping sell out Red "Blue" Ken, though. Least Ken's funny though.

By the way, if you haven't seen Chavez: Inside the Coup, then fire up your bittorrent and cop that shit. It is awesome.

OK, that gig we did in Menai Bridge the other night is being broadcast tonight on the mighty Adam Walton's show. 10pm - 1am, BBC Radio Wales:

Freeview - Tune your Freeview box to 719 and listen to BBC Radio Wales. Digital satellite - Channel number is 0117 Digital cable - NTL channel number 870 And online at

Streets is watching kid.