As ever, I am a mass of conflicting emotions, following a freak round of occurrences and phonecalls... I just interviewed Jazzy Jeff, who is a lovely man, and felt very positive, then I got a phonecall which gave the impression that my assumed source for the flight costs for this US/Japan thing might not have been such a safe bet. This fills me with sadness, for I am now faced with the task of finding £900 or thereabouts in a matter of days, and I know not how I will. Ebay takes a week, and all my records are shit, and the good ones wont fetch any money because they are in Bad Nick. Plus the council are breathing down my neck like rapists for last year's tax. I wonder what council tax rates are like in Normandy. Perhaps there are a lot of pennies behind my sofa.

Or perhaps not. But I did learn something today - if you want to burn audio CDs, don't buy ones that say "Audio" on them. They don't work. If you're rocking a PC you need CD-R of equivalent drive speed to your shit for it to be smooth and not a god-awful noise. I found this out when, after spending the weekend burning off stacks of plastic with which to entertain all you lot, I tested one, and it was horrible. You could sort of hear the music, beneath a torrent of squall, but it was not worth the pain. I tested another, and, same story. I fact, the whole lot were ruin-ed. I realise a number of people must have similarly deficient Akira The Don CDs, and for that I can but offer my deepest sympathy. Mail me and I'll see how I can help.

Now, however, shit is dandy, and the PC is pumping our lush sounding discs of dope. In the morning, the huge number of you who mailed for mixtapes will be sent mixtapes. And that is very exciting.