Monbiot VS Bellamy

I don't know how I missed this:

George Monbiot VS David Bellamy!

Sample quote:

"Until you began your campaign to debunk the science of climate change, I had great respect for you. So did all the environmentalists I know. I am sorry to report that this is no longer the case."

Yowza! Truly this is the new holocaust denial. To have the wrong opinion in this day and age is to negate a lifetime of good works. Dave went to jail for THE TREES, droog!

Ah, always it was so. And who am I to comment on all of this? I am but a small BrummyPole that remembers a bit of Welsh, and spends his time composing ditties.

On the topic of deep politics, Jeff Wells recently wrote,

"There seems a prevailing consensus that a concession of uncertainty is a sign of soft-headedness, or even indicative of complicity in disinformation and cover-up. At the risk of being tagged a disinfo artist, I don't think so. When I'm unsure of something - and I'm unsure of a lot of things - I like a nice maybe or perhaps. In fact, I think an admission that one might be wrong should be the price of serious appraisal. Not only am I disinclined to heed those who claim to have solved the puzzles of our time's hidden riddles, but I'm likely to red-flag them with suspicion. And the same should go for me if I ever say, unreservedly, that This is the way things are."

Which is true. Suo jure.