MIXTAPE: Littles - Out On Bail (Link Now Working)

oobbanner-1 YEYHA!

I am back in my house. Downstairs they've demolished the kebab shop. Looks like the military been down there. The place is freezing cold, and the electric ran out in my absence, so the fridge is a mess. but its good to be back.

Anyway, while I was away, Littles dropped out On Bail!


Mixed and recorded by me here at Don Studios IV, this isĀ  a pretty sweet way to merk 2008. Every joint on here is NUCLEAR. I'm on a few of them an all. As are Circle of Success. And Big Narstie. Is Westwood in the house? You need this in your LAIF!

DOWNLOAD: Littles - Out On Bail

Visit Littles here.