Mixdesk Roasting Like An Open Fire

hanzo-hat People tell me they are still seasick. So that boat must have ROCKED!

Well, we were on it. SO OF COURSE IT DID!


Yeah, we were all super. Thanks to Joey and James, Twin Kings Of Awesome, without whom I would be naught but a shouty man and a backing tape, our wonderful DJs BJ, Velky, Trol23 and Xenmate who all played truly brilliant records with grace, style and Fervour, thank you Nonny and Victoria for greeting people so nicely helping us, and thank you dear Charlotte for going above and beyond that foghorning Call Of Duty and looking smoking hot in that red dress. The Best be Thou. And thank you all of you who came and helped us have a super fun time with your dancing and your singing and your wolf whistling at James - some of you from as far afield as Bloody Liverpool, for cripes' sakes!

Oh, and thanks Zen for this post's title. YIKES THAT WAS SOMETHING EH?


Rah then.

Next stop January, wherein we shall play a party in London, and a strategic Few Other Places In Britain, if we can find them. If you know good places to play, hit that contact button. Oh, and I'm staying in London for Christmas, so holla if you want me to play records at your party.

I must now turn my attention to my Wacom Tablet, and draw a billion pictures that can be turned into a beautiful and stylish video accompaniment to that song we played about Not Being Broke Forever. Speaking of which, I must also pay the rent. Ho, and indeed, hum. How nice it must be to own ones own castle. Shed, even. We just realised we have given our useless landlord £24,000 towards his bloody mortgage, and the useless lump still hasn't sorted out our bloody electric meter, rusting stairwell, broken lights, life-threatening gas issues,or that broken bloody gutter that pours cacophonous water on our crappy plastic bedroom windowsill when it's raining and keeps the place decidedly Siberian all winter long. So I shall not be losing too much sleep about his rent being late, and I shall try not to waste too much time thinking about the lovely wooden beach hut in San Juan we could have bought with all that bread. Gah!

Taking a walk along the canal earlier we wandered past the old Matchbox Car factory, a wonderful, hulking old building that has been vacant for years. How I would love to have such a place to make my noises in! Tragically, it is being turned into artists' studios, as if there weren't enough of those in Hackney as it is. Still, I can't complain. I have a full head of nice soft brown hair, like that of a field mouse, a beautiful girlfriend, a supportive, inspiring and entertaining family, and wonderful friends. Today I spent a most pleasant afternoon sipping red wine, eating child-composed Banana Cake and playing with BJ and Mika's one year old son, who you can viddy above, wearing my hat. I suppose I should give it to him really, since it suits him so well. And this is the time for giving. Here, have an entirely awesome podcast, from our good friend John Firth, AKA Silentbob69! Really, it's ace. And most of it I'd never heard before. I feel gifted. HO HO HO!