Minutemen Cometh

So, I know we are mainly of the opinion that Watchmen will be, um, Not As Good As The Comic, but if this picture is anything to go by, it is at least sticking encouragingly close to the source material.

Come on! How ill is that?

Oh, I saw Indy 4 the other day and I thought it was grayte. Considering it concerned collective consciousness, lost civilizations and aliens, its as if Stephen Spielberg has been drawing from the same well as me. Well, of course he has, that's the point. Silly me.

In other entertainment news, Batman 677 is out now and it owns. Grant Morrison's run on this title has been a slow burner, but it just exploded. I haven't enjoyed a Batman comic this much since The Killing Joke.

OK. Click Clack Blam remix in a few hours.