MF Doom, RZA, Nas and The Wonder Of Synchronicity

You know, being a dude who's fully wired-up to the ether like what I am, that I pay attention to synchronicities. Yesterday there were sevens all over the place, and today I listened to the first three tracks of of RZA's new album, before someone sent me Nas', so I peeped a bit of that. The last RZA song I listened to was a joint called You Can't Stop Me Now, familiar to me as it was based on the same sample as one of my favourite King Geedorah joints, Anti-Matter ft MF Doom & Mr Fantastic. The sample is from an amazing joint called Message From A Black Man (click ti listen) by The Watnauts. Anway.

I pop on the Nas joint, and I'm smacked upside the ears by a song called You Can't Stop us Now. Guess what the sample is?


Nas also has a joint called We're Not Alone on there. I got a joint called We Are Not Alone on my new album. Mine is better, I gotta say, but Nas doesn't fuck the concept up. It's similar, but through Nas eyes. That shit is beautiful to me.

Anyway. Here's those songs for your purusal. I still think Doom wins. How about you?

Stream: King Geedorah ft MF Doom & Mr Fantastic - Anti-Matter

Stream: RZA - You Can't Stop Me Now

Stream: Nas - You Can't Stop us Now