Method Man: "FIVE DUDES!" I just took a break from this beast of a song I've been working on for the past week (yes, you heard me) to eat a bowl of noodles and watch this Method Man interview.

People forget about the FACT that Mef is one of the greatest that ever did it (that abortion of a TV show him and Red did for Fox didn't help), but not me. Anyway, it's a really interesting interview, but it gets really interesting right at the end, when, after being asked why he doesn't give a fuck about the presidential election, he starts yelling "46 billion in the first quarter! Five dudes! FIVE DUDES MAN!" And promptly gets cut off.

Which is a fucking point. Why aren't we - the billions affected by this rape and pillagerey - not running up in their yards and tearing out their cotdang larynxes? I am so baffled right now.