Ho ho ho, peoples. I hope you are all having a lovely day. I am in Rugby with my old man and his fine lady. We have eaten fine foods, opened fine presents (I got a paperback of V For Vendetta, usefull, as my copy got nicked - and a Thundercats T Shirt), and played the Q DVD quiz. Which I won. Twice.

Peace to James Brown. I'll hand over to Mothboy for the respects:

Unbelievable , The creator of modern music has died aged 73.. without him , No HipHop , No dance music , no groove or funk in music.. 1960's was a time when music became more rigis , white and traditional , James Brown came along and transformed it all .. big large beats , huge amounts of energy .. everything music wasnt at the time. The man was still dancing onstage to his end , making feets of audiences lose control .. No James Brown , no funky drummer beat. Total genius total total genius

RIP James

Simon Mothboy - >>>>