Me and Ginge and Ginge You know, I really haven't done enough in the way of introducing you to the fine musicians who help to make me look vaguely competent. So here we go with a new, irregular series, about those people, ahead of the AKIRA THE DON AND FRIENDS PARTY we're having at The Gaff in London on May 29th (did I just slip that one out? I guess I did...)

Meet GINGE, AKA Damian Cook, saxophonist supreme, and my ace pal from back In North Wales when I was 12 and shit. You may have seen Ginge playing live with me in the past - if you were at that Madame Jo Jos gig back in the day you'll have been privy to some most sordid innocent details that I must sadly refrain from printing on the internets.

Anyway. Back in the day I lived in Penmon, on Anglesey, on the top of a massive hill, and Ginge and I used to strap on our rollerboots, and launch ourselves down the hill at full speed, ramping speedbumps, dodging cars, and often ending up either in bushes, or the sea, which happened to be at the bottom of the hill.

These days Ginge is a professional orchestra pit dweller, touring the country with The Rat Pack musical, where he gets time to drink acres of alcohol and indulge in strange cookery experiments, like this one he just pasted on his Facebook page:

Chicken McNuggets (and Cheeseburgers and fries) On A Pizza!!


Always use the best quality ingredients you can afford.


Often simple food can be the most satisfying.


Just add cheese.


Cook at 180C (slightly lower for fan assisted ovens) for 16-22 minutes.


E Voila ! !

Tasty! Look out for Ginge's non-culinary art live onstage at The Gaff on May 29th, and on The Omega Sanction this Friday. Ginge co-wrote I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore, and contributed brass to a couple of songs, including the epic war story, 18.