This is Meena from Baghdad. She loves Chris de Burgh, and reps that love with this photo in the fan section of the CdeB website. British soldiers are dressing up as Iraqis and shooting her coppers and her (our) peoples. Imagine the stink if she turned up in London with a barreta dressed as Nick fucking Berry! Are you mad? 1234567 is done, now we're finishing Dead Babies. Danny is currently distracted by the baseball, so I've found time to make a mixtape. What fun making mixtapes is! I had forgotten. I have rammed it with 7 new bootlegs, a bunch of my current favourite songs, a brand new song by ME, and an exclusive from a yankee you may have heard of. And some bits of The Prisoner (best TV show ever), It's A Wonderful Life (best film ever) and an old tape of HST (best Participating Scribe ever) Bravecaptain gave me. Should be with you in about eight hours (the jacked internet connection up these here Hollywood hills is intermittent at best).

Peace be with you Oh My Folks.