Me Drawing My Death’s Head Comic Strip Really Fast

[v u="" t="Me Drawing My Death’s Head Comic Strip Really Fast"] See that? That's me drawing my Akira The Don's Guide To: Death's Head comic strip.

That's what that is.

That is also 5 hours, 24 minutes and 30 seconds condensed into just under 5 minutes.


The music is: The Gay Blades – O Shot (Akira The Don & Joey2tits Carjacker Mix, ft Littles) and Akira The Don ft Pixel, Trencha Narstie & Littles – Got Money (Krucy Darkstar Remix). Both songs are taken from ATD20.

That also means we have A WINNER!

Indeed, as my brain was all melty from drawing all day, I asked you to think of a song to soundtrack the timelapse video. And lo Raydome did say:

I think you should use Got Money (Krucy Darkstar Remix) for the video, quality tune, it’ll work well with the speeded up drawings.

And he was right. It works really well.


Now, Karl pointed out in the comments that it was unfair for people to have multiple entries. "I could just copy and paste my whole ATD playlist, and then if any one of those is picked I would win," he said brimming with sambuca fuelled pathos. And he was right. So next time we have a competition, we shall have some cot-damn RULES! yes, it has come to that. This Wild West is getting The Rule of Law thrust upon it. BE AFRAID!

OK. I got a bunch of emails asking if I could make the Death's Head strip into a T Shirt. So, I have.

And, notoriously faithful public servant that I am, I have been asked to display the whole of that Death's Head one page comic strip I drew back in 2001 2003 that I mentioned, and I am going to do just that. HAVE AT YE:

AHAHAHA! They got shotted! BANG BANG BANG!

Ah, memories. I also did a one page comic strip starring Frankie from The Darkness that week. I might have to dig that out one day.

So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed that. Congratulations to all the competition entrants. As I type it is 23:19, and we are aboutto go into ANOTHER WEEK. It is going to be a big week, I think. I have plans. But never mind me... What awesome stuff are YOU gonna do this week?