"Mass Communication"

So, first up, we're playing a show TONIGHT, in Camden, which is in London. Sorry all my American and Canadian bredren who've been mailing demanding I play in your towns. One day soon, peoples. The gig's at The Underworld, which is right by the station, and tends to have loads of kids in Slipknot hoodies queuing up outside it. We're on at 9:15. See you there.

So I was wondering recently why it was that the crazy freak nutbars who run shit have been, basically, taking the piss recently. Like, the movement towards the globalisation we see now has been happening for a fucking long time, right? Slowly slowly, catchey monkey. Hunnerds of years. Then, 97, or thereabouts, they sped the fuck up. Now you've got the instance where the US passed their so-called Patriot Act, reducing their constitution to ass paper, Patriot Act 2 is coming SOON, and over here, we got the Civil Contingencies Bill speeding through Parliament, giving Blair powers Hitler could but DREAM OF, just in time to suspend it next year or maybe the year after. Or Whatever.

Now this European Constitution, RFID Tags in your cash, the attempted justification of torture, etc etc etc.

Why the brazen speed?

These days I spend hours a day answering my email, which comes from my peoples all over the world. Eg:

"Dude! I can’t believe you emailed me back!

This is like getting a letter back from Toupak, or Snoop Dog! You are extremely popular in my school! Even the little middle schoolers love your music man! You are way more popular than Eminem or Dre or any1 else at my school. My friend grew his hair and beard out and dyed them just like yours. /. .\"


"Dear Don

I am a fourteen year old girl from Ohio, i love reading your blog, it is an educaytion, i never cared about politics before, i only came for hip hop! My friends all read your site, and are all making songs now and we have a few questions. What can we do to help? And how do you get a good kick drum soud in fruity?"


"My name is Ryan Hobbs and I am a 17 year old male from the St. Louis region. I am a big fan of the website and appreciate you bringing forth information that I normally would not read about. I have just a few questions to ask you that I would appreciate being answered when ever you have the time. First I was wondering how you find such information about FEMA and other naughty things that governments are trying to pull. Second, I would love to know if you are ever going to be in the Midwest Area, and third I was interested in ways that I could become politically active. Thank you in advance and keep up the excellent work."


You see? I grew up in North Wales, and right now I reside in London. Yet I can discover information, and share it with peoples all over the world, young and old, INSTANTLY, and they can do the same. This is why They are shitting their pants right now, this is why they are speeding up their operations, and getting sloppy, allowing stupid ass mistakes to occur. They are evidently in panic. That is why, my peoples, we can win. Communicate. Is all. THEY HATE THAT.