Mary Turner Needs Your Help!

My friend and yours, Miss Mary Turner has asked me to ask YOU for help in deciding what song to sing at her Pop Idol-styled audition this weekend. The audition is for "a pop project". Mary has to sing a song acapella.

Tag line, says Mary: "Cool, Sassy, Poppy".

"It can't be Girls Aloud or anything, singing a capella so need a song with a melody, not one where when production and harmonies are taken away it's dull, could be a fast tune slowed down ie 'Hey Ya' Outkast. Preferably a fairly familiar tune yet original ie Leonard Cohen 'Bird on the Wire' [sic] and needs to have some range but not too much as with nerves don't want to be fretting about high notes. Audition on Sat so got to be easy to learn if i don't already know it. Thinking there must be some good forgotten Britpop tunes, not 'Something Chnaged' as already sung that."

You can listen to Mary's voice to see what would suit her here.

"Ta," says mary, ":)"