Mary Plays Last Gig With The Women, Goes To Russian Orphanage

Akira The Don & The Women support The Crimea live at London's Bush Hall on Wednesday, July 9th.

That is tomorrow! Oh gosh!

Trues story though. This is will be Miss Mary Turner's last before she goes off into Pop Superstar World as part of a Brand New Girlband, who are pretty good from what I've heard.


Women old and new will be joining us for this spectacular.

Do not miss!

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In other news, Mary is flying to Russia to join a 'Love Russia' Summer Camp team at Chapaevskoye Orphanage, about 4hrs south-east of Moscow, on July 26th.

"In Russia today, between eighty thousand and one million children are officially in care, possibly three million are on the streets," writes Mary. "In the last twelve years the number of children being born has fallen by fifty percent but the number in care has doubled. Alcohol, drugs and poverty are all contributory factors in a society which has struggled through the transition years. 'Love Russia' works to improve the lives of approximately 3500 orphans and disadvantaged children by providing practical help and support.

"For the last 5 years 'Love Russia' has run summer camps in orphanages with great success.The children attending the camps range from 3 to 16 years and some camps are for children with learning difficulties. The camps involve a whole range of activities including craft, games, stories, singing etc."

So there! If you would like more information about the charity or would like to help contribute towards Mary's trip or towards the work that 'Love Russia' does please contact Mary at or visit the 'Love Russia' website.