Marvin The Martian & Pixel Join the Dawn Of The Don Line-Up

pixel-and-marvin Ladies and gentlemen! It is my very distinct pleasure to announce that Marvin The Martian and Magnum P.I., AKA Pixel will be performing at the Dawn of The Don on May 29th.


Says Marvin:

Me and Pixel are going to be performing exclusive new material [none of the songs we're performing have ever been performed or heard outside of the studio, if you want classics you'll be at the wrong show. Strictly future classics] at Akira The Don's 'Dawn of the Don' gig on Friday May 29th. Most of the songs performed will make up the new mixtape which Jack is in the process of mixing as I type [real mixing rather than DJ Mixing, that process is a few weeks off at least].

In other Marvin related news, dude has a dope new feature on his website, which I might have to rip off.


In addition to the already stellar DJ line-up of Stephen Hague, Joey2Tits, Blonde Jeremy Deacon & Zombiehamster, I can now announce that Kill Witnesses will also be spinning awesomeness. BUT! WHO ARE Kill Witnesses?

Soon you will learn...

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