Marvin The Martian On The Politics Show

So, an old mate of mine rang me the other day, looking for a suitable person to talk about The Dastardly Form 696 (notice how that's 666 if you turn the 9 upside down? HMMMM?!). And who better to talk about  The Dastardly Form 696 than erudite rap superstar Marvin (back with the best name) the Martian?


Longtime Don-Watchers (heeeeey!) might get a kick out of clocking exactly who it is that rang me from The Politics Show an all. The boy done good. The KID done better!


Indeed, I am totally Creating The News today. That Raekwon interview has gone and spread itself all over the net (word to P Money and the Rap Press Echo Chamber). A quick Google search turns up 4 pages of the stuff, incuding:

A somewhat less tabloid PART 2 coming SOOOOOOON...

And for my next trick, I will play THE GREATEST SHOW OF MY CAREER!