Marvin: The Blogspot Mixtape Out Now!

Roll up! Roll up! That former Martian, my pal and yours, the one and only Marvin has a new mixtape out right NOW, mixed by the one and only Big Jack Nimble, and you can download it for NO MONEY and everything. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Its got some really fly shit on it, like Marv's version of that Saigon joint Come On Baby, the Why Lout? remix of Calvin Harris' Acceptable In The 80s (pre-Dizzee bitches!) and a couple of snippets of some Pixel tunes, one of which is probably the best song I've heard all year. No lie.

"I don't need your love! My Mum loved me!"


There are also the obligatory mixtape phone calls. Marv's mum is scary! Marv called me when I was on my bike actually, I nearly got hit by a bus. I'm so alive though, check it.