Martian Cuckoos

lamacq300Today I woke up, bathed in the purest sunshine, to the strange sound of alien birdcreatures doing things in the chimney. Then Dr Hague made us salmon and eggs, and I reclaimed my humanity. Right now we are sorting Gruff Rhy's' vocals on I Am Not Dead (Yeah!), wich I feared lost, as they were on my bouncy rubber tough drive, the neck of which had snapped, but Hague is old school, and thus handy with piers and wires. I am impressed.

Shit is sounding awesome down here. We're working through what we've done, and it is all HITS.

No believe me? Go listen to Dr Steve Lamcq's latest BBC Radio 1 show, "It's Blitzkrieg Pop #2 - 30 records in 60 minutes: your definitive guide to the next month in indie."

According to Dr Lamcq, I have been poised to "break through" fr three years or so, but have been "tying myself up in knots..." but no longer, say he, on the strength of In The Morning. well! You aint seen nothing yet! Word to Bachman Turner Overdrive.


Chewlips – 'Solo' The Neat – 'Conteract' Soft Pack – 'Nightlife' In Case Of Fire – 'The Cleansing' Wombats – 'Circuitboard City' La Roux – 'In For The Kill' Lady Sovereign – 'So Human' Doves – 'Jetstream' Gold Heart Assembly – 'Going Down Well' Titus Andronicus – 'Titus Adronicus' Passion Pit – 'Sleepyhead' The Little Villeins – 'Move It On' Joy Formidable – 'Cradle' Rogues – 'Not So Pretty' MGMT – 'Time To Pretend' Empire Of The Sun – 'Standing On The Shore' Play Radio Play – 'Decipher Reflections From Real' Tommy Sparks – 'I'm A Rope' Turbowolf – 'Mystery'
Bicycle Thieves – 'Stop To Start' Brakes – 'Hey Hey' Arcade Fire – 'Lenin' Jeremy Warmsley – 'If He Breaks Your Heart' Emmy The Great – 'First Love' Akira The Don – 'In The Morning' Skint & Demoralised – 'This Song Is Definitely Not About You' The Virgins – 'Teen Lovers' The Low Anthem – 'Charlie Darwin' Sky Larkin – 'Molten' Gay Blades – 'O Shot'
Go listen here. And check out the Gay Blades joint, there's gonna be more on them round here tomorrow.

PS - I have NO IDEA how this LP is gonna be released, or when. There are a number of options availiable, and they are increasing with some giddy speed... but rest assured, youll be the first to know...