March Of The Sinister Ducks

Sinister Ducks 8pm and its still light. Wow.

Adam Walton played the title track off of The Omega Sanction on his show last night. Click here to listen back. No one's noticed the hook origin yet, which I am shocked by.

He also interviewed Pete Waterman, who is something of a SLEPT ON WIZARD... so check it out.

Other nice things to listen to:

Hunchbakk's latest forray into super ugly beatstuffs...

Dr Dre's Top 25 Productions, courtesy of Kevin Nottingham Dot Com

Sinister Ducks - March of The Sinister Ducks. Alan Moore on vocals. Cheers Luke Herr for the heads up...


I got some really fucking horrible news on Friday. The Swine have robbed Littles of his freedom, for a completely inordinate amount of time. Dude's gonna appeal, so I'd thank you all to keep him in your most positive of thoughts, prayers, or whatever else you might wanna call them.