March 24th, The Monarch, London w. The Indelicates, Dan Bull & More

THIS WEDNESDAY! The Open Rights Group will be leading a demonstration against David Geffen and Peter Mandelson’s Dastardly Digital Economy Bill at Old Palace Yard, London opposite Parliament, next to Westminster Abbey. Read more about it here. Afterwards there will be a GIG/PARTY at The Monarch in Camden, which I will be performing at, in some sort of DJ/Emcee capacity. Also playing live will be The Indelicates, and Dan Bull. TICKETS ARE HERE!

The Monarch 40-42 Chalk Farm Road Camden, London NW1 8BG United Kingdom

Press Release

23rd March, 2010

For Immediate Release
Musical Artists Opposed To Digital Economy Bill Play "Stop Disconnection" Show
Stop Disconnection Gig
March 24th, The Monarch, Camden, from 7:30pm
Stop Disconnection Demonstration
March 24th, Old Palace Yard, 5:30pm
A group of artists who have been vocal in their opposition to the government's 'Digital Economy Bill' - currently awaiting its second reading in the House Of Commons - will play a one-off gig in Camden following a demonstration outside parliament tomorrow, March 24th.
The Indelicates, Akira The Don and Dan Bull have all used the internet to their advantage in their attempts to build careers in music and are disturbed by the Digital Economy Bill which threatens fans with disconnection, places unreasonable demands on ISPs, restricts the development of new models for the sale of music and stands as a threat to the rights of all in the digital age.
Speaking today, Indelicates' guitarist Simon Indelicate said:
"It has become a devalued cliche of protest to declare that a government action is 'Not in My name' - but, as an artist struggling to find a way to be paid for my work in the new economic climate created by the internet, I repeatedly see this bill being promoted in my name and I am disgusted by it.
By attending the demo tomorrow, and by performing at the gig afterwards, I want to send a clear message to the Business Secretary, the Leader of the Commons and all MPs who support this bill that I do not want it passed and I do not agree either that I will be benefited by it or that its draconian measures are needed to protect my copyright."
Dan Bull, who has rocketed to internet fame after releasing several videos critical of the Bill  including 'Dear Lily' - a rap letter to Lily Allen, taking issue with her support for harsh measures against filesharers - will be performing one of his first live sets at the gig.
Acclaimed Rapper Akira The Don, who has built a large following online with his exemplary website at will also be appearing.
The protest and show come hot on the heels of an open letter published in the guardian and signed by The Indelicates alongside Billy Bragg, Caroline Lucas, Graham Linehan, Peter Tatchell, a number of MPs and Lords, the Open Rights Group's Jim Killock and opendemocracy's Anthony Barnett which noted the danger that the Bill will be rushed through without full parliamentary scrutiny and asked that:
"those most controversial parts of the bill – covering "technical measures" and court orders for website blocking – either be properly debated, or be taken out of the bill and subjected to genuine democratic scrutiny in a new parliament."
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23rd March, 2010For Immediate Release Musical Artists Opposed To Digital Economy Bill Play "Stop Disconnection" Show

Stop Disconnection GigMarch 24th, The Monarch, Camden, from 7:30pm Stop Disconnection DemonstrationMarch 24th, Old Palace Yard, 5:30pm