Make It Rain

Rah though, I just copped the new remix of that Fat Joe and Lil Wayne joint, Make It Rain, featuring (deep breath) R Kelly, Baby, TI and Rick Ross. It is so good. But it got me to thinking about a couple of things. Like, didn't the Kellster get filmed peeing on a minor, like, three years ago? when they putting his wet ass in court? And isn't him singing "I make it rain/I make it rain on those hoes", like, questionable? Is that not an, ahem, admission? And did dude not see that Dave Chapelle Piss On You thing?

Kelly, if you're reading, click play below. And answer me this: HOW MUCH CRACK IS YOUR DAMP ASS ON?

And the other thing, well, it took me back to the original version's video. That's up at the top, if you haven't seen it. It is, indeed, the high water mark of trashy, late-eighties hair-metal-mirroring rap videos. It must be. It's got girls in bikinis dancing in a "rain" of cash, distributed with wanton abandon by my boy Lil Weezy Ana, Joey Crack, and the Godfather of this craziness, Puffy. I mean, it is so wrong, on every level. But the evil brummy in me fucking LOVES it. Maybe I should see somebody. I feel totally dirty.

Rah though.