Majors Cockblock Virgin, Steal Money From Akira The Don's Children's MOUTHS!

Golf Sale Wow, this is grayte news:

Big label pressure has forced British cable ISP Virgin Media to suspend plans to introduce a legal music sharing service for its subscribers, just weeks ahead of its launch, The Register has learned.

The radical initiative, tentatively branded as "Virgin Music Unlimited", represented a major investment for the ISP, and would have been the first such attempt to monetise P2P file sharing in an ISP partnership in either Europe or the USA. However, 11th hour "anti-piracy" demands by major record labels including Universal Music and Sony Music meant Virgin could no longer launch the service as it had envisaged. Labels demanded that Virgin block uploads and downloads of songs from subscribers' PCs, sources suggest. Since the system is designed to encourage file sharing, the demand removed the service's USP.

BOO! HISS! Why does Universal hate the internet so much? Universal have been thwarting the internet as long as I can remember. Back in the day when I was editing PlayLouder, they used to try and make me sign things in order to post videos! I notice they've recently demanded Youtube take all their "content" down as well. Foolishness!

I wonder if this has anything to do with Our Dear Government's ideas for a Digital Britain, which I'm told are to include actions strikingly similar to the Pirate's Prison's Project...

Virgin is believed to be particularly disappointed at the collapse of the initiative. The ISP had been the first to co-operate with the music business-ISP Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed last July and send warning letters to file sharers. It had also made a significant investment in the Music Unlimited initiative, estimated at eight figures.

This is true. I know. I was getting minuscule trickledown. Imagine how dissapointed I was to learn that my reatainer, which pays off my bank loan and phone bill, has been rudely removed as a result of this terrible fuckery! Very, that's how.

Very very.

So. While I am waiting for my album to come out, and make me a solid-gold-house-owning squillionare overnight, I shall have to find another way to pay those bills. If anyone needs a genius to do some genius stuff for BUCK$, get in touch!