Mail That Gets There Eventually

"Cleaning out my wisdom teeth, I found a diamond in my gumsCleaning out my kitchen found a spoon that plays the drums" Adam Green

Cleaning out my email the other day, I found an amazing song.

Well, I wouldn't call it cleaning out. I'd say, randomly dipping in the mass of unanswered communique that has grown up around me. I have no idea how to address it at all. So, when I am not mixing or rapping or crying or whatever, I'll dip in, and see what I find. The other day, like I said, I found a song. It was by my old friend Madison. What an ace song it was! So ace it was, I forgot what I was doing, and remixed it on the spot. Then I sent it to her. Madison liked it a lot, and today sent me another ace song with a gap in it that needs a rap, so I am going to fill that gap, oh yes I am.

Madison also noted that a guy that does her production told her he'd emailed me some beats a year or so ago, and I never replied.

I searched his name in my mail, and, true, last November he sent me two beats. I downloaded one, and have had it on repeat since. Its the best thing I've heard in ages! What a monster! It seems to have invented its own genre, or something. How weird that it has been sat at the bottom of my inbox for nearly a year, waiting for me. How weird to think of all the other treasures, waiting to be found. One could go quite mad considering such a thing.

Thing is, I don't think there is any such thing as coincidence. When you're going to phone me, usually I know. If you're about to ring my doorbell, I can tell. That's how it is now. So, whatever treasures are buried in my box, I'm gonna stop stressing about them. I only have so much brain space. If I need to, I'll bet my last shiny penny I'll find them somehow. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon... enough.