Mae'n Boeth

So, I am busy doing promoey things right now - I did an interview for the NME yesterday, with, like, this really fucking safe dude, and did the photoshoot today with a safe dude and safe lady who knows Wade, cos everybody knows Wade. Also soundchecked for tonight's NME gig at Coco in Bumden. IT WAS GOOD! BIG PLACE! I am on at 11:15, so come and hear my awesome new sounds. I shall be all alone and sans Birddogg, as he missed soundcheck, the big flappy tweeter. I do have a vocal effects pedal thing though. Maybe I can fuck that up, hmm?

PS - I am sharing a dressing room with Babyshambles. So I am not leaving anything in my dressing room. The soundman was like, really, I wouldn't advide it. They like to party hard, maybe they wouldn't nick stuff, but they would break it. NO SHIT!!!!