Lurking Vermin


Bloody things.

I got a stack of keyboards like that. Similarly sinister. Why don't I throw them away? What do I need with a box of broken old mice? What use could they possibly come in? (Interesting turn of phrase there Donovan (Why thank you very much (Interesting way of showing a schizophrenic inner monologue also (Thank you, isn't it?)))

I have 6 Music on right now. What a sucker for marketing I am! Anyway, it's not just landfill indie, as its detractors have it - there's a lot of 80s geeky shmindie too. And Sac VS Pip. Do any other stations play Sac VS Pip? I can't imagine Kiss does. Maybe Zane Lowe plays them on his Radio 1 show. Anyway, I don't think The Powers That Be WILL get rid of 6 Music. The 6 Music demographic is very active in social media, which is where the big decisions are made these days.

I might bet on it. I could do with a win. Speaking of which, I hear The BBC has committed to spending at least 90% of the licence fee on "high-quality content and distribution" by 2013". I am also interested in how they define "high-quality content". Do those piss awful plays they have on Radio 4 in the afternoon fall into that category? Because I would beg to bloody differ. I would also like to know how they plan on spending the other 10. Presumably on biscuits. You can never have too many biscuits, and I should know. I haven't got any.


I just switched to Radio 4, and Tessa Jowell was talking about how well Gordon Brown is going to perform. She finished by declaring earnestly, "he will rise to the occasion."

Now that's "high quality content".

Speaking of which...

Tomorrow! (Or today, if you're reading this on Wednesday)

5pm GMT!


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