I wanted to stay in yesterday, because I have started another mixtape, and I had ideas for that, but Soph rang and said there was a ticket for me to see Joanna Newsom, and she is amazing, so I got the bus with my pad, and filled a few pages of the pad with raps, and got to the venue and saw Joanna Newsom, and my skin all flushed and tingled and bristled. She is as awesome in the flesh as on record. The harp thing is incredible - one hand batters out premium gangsta basslines, and the other teases terrifying melody and slithers of beauty and sadness, while the girl herself exudes such joy one finds oneself expecting her to pop like a balloon at any second. But she never, and I fled home straight away afterwards to make tunes, inspired so was I. After I made tunes I read my book in bed, which I have not done in a very long time, and it was very cosy indeed, I'll have you know.

Today I have been very busy - I did 40 minutes of The Mixtape 4, which is mainly exclusives and mash ups and stuff - I have been playing with MOP and Vanilla and Carter and stuff, and rapping over The Furs, and remaking Dre joints with my boy HeTurnAll, who came over to freestyle with his boy.

So I'll finish that tommorrow. Hoping for a contribution from The Dogg, but you know what he's like...

This week I have fallen in love twice.