My last night in London, by the way, was super-lush. By the way. That was a little while ago now. But I remember. I don't remember much. But stuff keeps coming back here in Bangor. I went to school here, after all. Here I suffered my greatest indignacies.

And here, many years since my last visit, I find a thriving rap scene, proud, inventive, representitive of its culture and its peoples' past.Today I met local lads Gwil Glyndwr, Will Smack Crack, and Gareth Glitter, of North Welsh rap heroes LlanfaerGlyndwr, who, despite a penchant for profanity quite indicative of the land, find themselves all over Welsh radio.

"What it is is," said emcee Pedr Pymf, "Is, nobody knows the real North Wales, apart from us. People, when they think of Wales, think of those soft cunts from down South, with their melodic accent and their fockin' shit dragons. The North Welsh always had the hardest dragons so it's no surpeise that we're the best rappers an' all. Conts Fockin Gwyrion, am byth."