Living In The Future CDs, Ts, badges and more: Dictionary definition SWAG! Well, once again, Don Studios has turned into a factory, as we took receipt on Friday of thousands of CDs, flyers, posters, and a big ass box of Living In The Future T-Shirts with labels sewn into them.

Dictionary definition SWAG.

Up top there you can see a nice video of me showing some of it off, and showing you how to fold a T-shirt properly, just like they taught me when I worked in the Soccer Shop in Redditch in '97.  RIP. I am also coming down with a cold in that video, and I am now drowning in said cold, but that is a good thing, because I will have gotten it out of the way in time for the tour. Which starts on Wednesday. YIKES!

Here then, is the beautiful Living In The Future CD. Charlotte took the photo in a shower in Paris. The shower head had red and blue lights on it, that lit up depending on the temprature. I was like, "OMFG, quick, get the camera!" I had no idea it was going to be so cool I'd want to use it on the cover of Living In The Future. I just knew that having a shower head with temperature triggered lights on it meant I was living in the future.

That's the beautiful back. Mary Wycherley took the photo. She projected the artwork from the Omega Sanction onto my face, and took photos of me while I smoked a nice spliff. It looked ill. And see that thing bottom left? Zef made that. It took him ages. If you show it your phone your phone will bring you here. True story. This is what it looks like close up:

This is the thank you page. I thanked everybody who helped me choose the tracklisting by leaving their suggestions in the comments here. Are you in there?

This is the beautiful Living In The Future label that's sewn into every single Living In The Future T-shirt.


And here we have the plentiful piles of packages, which I'm taking to the post office tomorrow morning. So if you've ordered your swag, you'll be getting it shortly. And if you haven't ordered your swag yet, what are you waiting for?


For it is the righteous path.

Speaking of which, guess who's just been added to the Slam Dunk festival bill?