Liverpool: Off. London: On.

Boy oh boy, it has been beautiful here in snow drenched Stoke Newington today. I had two snowball fights before breakfast! It was fully ace. However, with the snow comes great sadness. Today we were to clamber aboard the bard's trusty transit van, and make out merry way to Liverpool to play a show. But the gloriful snowfall has made this hazardous, and Jeres, for one, does not want to die. I personally don't mind dying very much, but aside from dying, there is a very real danger of the van not making it, and if it does, us not being able to get back tomorrow when the freezey night forcasted has turned all the snow to ice, so we have had to cancel. WAH!

We were very much looking forward to visiting our Scouse friends. It is sad. If you were going to that show, hit me and email, and I'll send you a song or something. AND! We will be back!

In other news, due to drum sharing amongst Damn Arms and RataTatT, we will be headlining London's Barfly this coming Saturday, February 10th. We will be playing songs from When We Were Young, and a new one, or two. First ten to hit me back get a discountey list thing.