So, Gwil just emailed me. He said: "Have you seen the new skinny Peter Jackson?"

Wait for it...

"He looks like Jeres!" HAHAHA! I have not. So I shall investigate.

Anyway. Jeres and I are in LIVERPOOL! Whoo! I haven't been here for ten years, it looks nothing like I remebered so far. Well, we havven't seen much yet. There is a giant TV in the main shopping bit with that Chris Nurbar freak who used to be on the Really Wild Show beaming down at us, which is very scary. And there are PCs all over the place in this indoor thing Jeres and I are having a quick communicate-break. The we are going to find moustache wax. Yes we are! Anyway. We are playing a gig here tonight, which is why we are here, not just for the moustace wax. Details here people! Come! It will be fun!