Now just look at that up there. Those are four dope-ass pieces of fanart I got sent within 12 hours on Sunday. No fanart for 6 months, then four (4) pieces in 12 (twelve) hours. And they're all AWESOME. How in the name of Jesus H Corbett does that work?

Maybe it was a glitch in the matrixxx. Maybe there was a memo going round. Maybe it was because I posted those concept  drawings, and people got inspired. Either way, I think it is ace, and I urge you to go here and have a look at the full versions in the gallery. Click the fanart tab and be awed. I also fixed the email address (cheers KT for pointing out its former fail-status), so if you've got something you wanna send, then be my welcome guest. And include a website address if you have one, so I can send people to your place to look at your other stuff.

Anyway, speaking of drawings, I got some of Wonchop's concept art for the Living In The Future 2 video in last night. Oh, did I just let that one slip? As if it weren't obvious?


Woah, huh?!

Yes, me and Wonchop, Wonchop and I, AKA WONDON, AKA DONCHOP, the award winning team that bought you Hypocrite, are making you an Amazing Cartoon Video. I am flipping HYPED. I am GASSED. I am HYPEGASSED. It's gonna be AMAZING. I was just working on the treatment for the third verse and I was making myself Laugh Out Loud, so imagine how its gonna be all cartoony animated.

Holy crap!

Now, its entirely possible that some of you have never seen the FIRST Living In The Future video. Its not on Youtube, after all. However, half a million (500,000) people HAVE seen it on Newgrounds, where it was born, back in 2005, when there wasn't any Youtube. Yeah, that's right babies. Five years ago there wasn't a Youtube. And the little video me and Zef made in Flash was going viral.

Yes, they were exciting times: I was making records with Fruity Loops and a Technics DZ 1200, and freaking out over my first Wacom tablet. Zef, who was still at school, had taught himself Flash, and was sat down the other end of my desk doing clever stuff with vectors.

Well, now its THE FUTURE, and things are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I'm making records with Acid and an Akai MPD16, and Zef is doing work experience at brand union, and at the end of his working day he comes back to my place and sits down the other end of my desk doing clever stuff with vectors. (Actually, he managed about 120 minutes of vectoring last night, the rest of the night he spent getting seriously gassed over my old G1 which I've gifted him, taking photos of things with Google Goggles and screaming "IT KNOWS WHAT THEY AAAAAAAAARGH!" We both installed light sabers on our phones and had a fight with them. I won, because I threw the phone at him.)


So it is important - nay, necessary, that we make LITF2, yes?

Yes. So raise a glass to the promsie of tomorrow, and sing along with me: