LISTEN: Martin Carr - YE GODS (and little fishes)

martin Oi clarts! My thieving Scouse gitbag of a so-called buddy and former keyboard player Martin "Ey la" Carr has a new album out today. FLIP!

He's been working on it nearly as long as I have been on mine, and he's made his own record company to put his out on too. It's called Sonny Boy, named after his tiny baby son, and it has a really nice logo. As for the album, well, that is called YE GODS (and little fishes), which is some weird capitalisation indeed. Maybe dood's been paying too much white-boy attention to dead prez. dead prez don't like white people Martin! Sorry!

I think B.o.B. likes white people though. And Martin likes B.o.B.. Not that that has anything to do with anything. The point I am trying to get across here is that MARTIN CARR HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT RIGHT NOW, AND YOU CAN BUY IT! I just tried to film myself buying it with my little camera recording device, but it kept freezing, which is worrying, but never mind. You don't need a video of me buying an album to make you go and buy an album. Go buy his album! all of the songs on it are nearly as good as this one!

STREAM: Martin Carr - Running

I think this one's my fave though.

STREAM: Martin Carr ft Mary Wytcherly - Why You Gotta Bring Me All This Rain