LISTEN: Flow Machines - Natural Decay (Akira The Don Remix)

We-Are-Starlight-Sleeve2 STREAM: Flow Machines - Natural Decay (Akira The Don Remix)

Happy Monday gang!

And what better away to kick off the new week than with some new music? Quite.

This is my remix of Flow Machines' Natural Decay, from their We Are Starlight EP, cleverly named after a line in said remix, and out TODAY, as a generous free download, fromĀ I am fully feeling the artwork, I gotta say. Go cop that ish. Martin Carr's done a very lovely remix on it too, so it's totally Fake-Welsh-Official.

BONUS: Here's the video for the EP's lead track, the Vince Clarke-tastic Every Last Drop (Remix).

PS - If you were listening to Adam Walton last night you'd haveheard new Akira The Don music, along with me talking about how to make bread. So maybe you should go listen back.